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Life at BC

Everything you would want to know about life in New Zealand and life at BC.

Life in Tauranga

Education Tauranga provides support for international education providers in promoting the region to students and their families. Their website is a great source of information, resources and links that highlight Tauranga's appeal.  NEED ED TGA LOGO ADDED

What do our students say?
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The two years study experience at Bethlehem College was a wonderful time for me. 

I really enjoyed studying at Bethlehem College and I never regretted the decision I made to change schools. I know I made the right decision. 

At Bethlehem College I was warmly welcomed by all the teachers and students.  I received so much love through the new friends, the International Staff and my host family.  This is the place where I first felt at home after two years of studying abroad. 

If you want to find your second home overseas, Bethlehem College is the best choice.

Breanna Wang - China

When I first got to BC, I had to be brave. I didn't know anyone and

wasn't sure I could communicate what I wanted to say in English. Since then, my

language skills have improved. However, I've got more interesting and exciting things

than hard things. NZ is quite an inclusive country, and nearly everybody I know has a

different background. Whether they be Tauranga-born or Asian-born. Through school

life in NZ so far, I have discovered a lot about other cultures, and I found it so enjoyable

to know them!

Reika Kanai - Japan

Some might find certain things easier or harder than others but

everyone will find their challenge. All that I can say is that everybody thinking about doing an

exchange should be equally aware of the challenges and rewards. Nevertheless, it is an absolute

unique experience that widens your horizon in a way not many other things can. Taking the leap to spending time abroad at New Zealand to Bethlehem College provided the perfect environment for me to grow. That’s why I can only recommend going on exchange as it is life changing.

Paula Stadelhofer de Moraes - Brazil