Digital Learning
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The focus of digital learning at BC is for devices to be used as a tool to increase student engagement and cater to specific learning styles. Responsible use of devices at school is encouraged and monitored. In Years 0-5 classrooms have in-class iPads, Years 6-9 bring their own iPad/Chromebook and Years 10-13 bring their own device.

Blended Learning

Blended Learning is an approach to teaching and learning where students bring their own digital device to use in class as a digital workbook, research tool, movie/photo capturing and editing device etc. Blended Learning classes use the best of both worlds; digital and paper to support the learning activities.

The focus is on learning and not the device. Therefore, when and how the device is used will depend on the learning goals of each lesson as well as teacher and student preference. Traditional approaches to learning are supplemented, and the door is opened to new and different ways to learn.

Benefits include increased student engagement and greater personalised learning, which can lead to improvements in teaching and learning.

Why Blended Learning?

Our Bethlehem College Strategic Map identifies “Personalised Learning and Blended Delivery” as one of our key strategic objectives. We believe in empowering our students and teachers through developing personalised learning in a blended approach.

The New Zealand curriculum identifies a number of successful approaches to learning and has written these up as “Effective Pedagogy”. eLearning is given specific attention. Find out more

What Does Blended Learning Mean for My Child?

  1. Year 1 - 5 classrooms have pods of iPads.
  2. All Year 6 - 9 classes are blended learning classrooms (1-1 iPad/Chromebook classrooms each child has their own iPad/Chromebook).
  3. Year 10 - 13 students are to bring their own devices PC/Mac Laptop (BYOD).
Device Recommendations


Please bring iPad 6 Gen or Chromebook 4gb ram 32GB storage or newer. (Please no iPad Pro 12.9 inch as there is limited security at school for these and we don’t recommend iPad mini as the smaller screen can cause difficulty when creating and using documents.)


  • Wifi only (no 3G/4G)
  • 32GB or higher as storage needs are always growing with higher quality photos and videos
  • Necessary accessories:
    • Headphones
    • A Bluetooth keyboard case for iPads as it helps to protect the device and will be much more comfortable to type on for extended periods
    • For Year 6 - 8, a combination padlock for school iPad lockers.


  • 4gb ram 32GB storage 
  • 11” screen size. 
  • Necessary accessories:
    • Headphones
    • Chromebook case for transportation and protection.
    • For Year 6 - 8, a combination padlock for school iPad lockers.


To view the device options for Year 6-9 click here.

Safety Tips: Parent iPad Digital Help Files

Set Up Tips: BC Chromebook Initial Setup  


Please bring a laptop (PC or Mac)or you can use your current device (iPad – with Bluetooth keyboard/Chromebook) until it becomes unsuitable. Please note, that due to the small screen size, a phone is not a suitable digital device.

 To view the device options for Year 10-13 click here.


Purchasing Devices

If you would like to purchase new devices the following are retailers that have the school specs: PB TECH, Noel Leeming PC, Noel Leeming Macbook, Noel Leeming iPad. Cyclone BC BYOD (Password bcbyod). Or you can use the specs above and purchase from another provider.

Conbrio is a company that refurbishes corporate laptops that are three years old to be sold on. These devices are good quality and due to being ex lease are less expensive than new devices. Here is their website store Conbrio store or you can make direct enquiries using this link Conbrio Devices BCConbrio also have weekly deals if you subscribe to their newsletter on their homepage Conbrio.

NETSAFE have provided a handy Parents guide to BYOD and some basic safety tips. NETSAFE BYOD for Parents

 Digital Discipleship

Students who bring a device to school will be expected to sign a contract committing themselves to responsible use of their digital device with an understanding of consequences should they violate this requirement. Blended Learner Agreement

Questions about digital devices or Blended learning? Please email eLearning