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Welcome to BC Primary

As teachers, students and parents we share our gifts and resources to collaborate and cooperate in honouring God in our service. The Primary school years are a special time; full of questions, inspiration, enthusiasm and the development of foundational concepts and attitudes. We offer a positive, supportive environment and a Christ-centred education that develops resilient Christian character allowing all children to learn and thrive.

Our Primary consists of four teams: 

1. Team Te Kari with four Year 1 and two Year 0 classes of 18 children 

2. Team Te Aka with three Year 2 classes of 25 children 

3. Team Te Awa with three Year 3 classes of 25 children and three Year 4 classes of 28 

4. Team Te Maunga with three Year 5 and three Year 6 classes of 28 children.

Karen Whenuaroa

Head of Primary

As a well resourced school, our children enjoy opportunities to engage with specialist art and music programmes. In addition, we cater to a variety of learning needs by providing trained support staff who work alongside teachers and children in classrooms, including a SENco and Literacy Specialist.


Partnering with whanau is highly valued as we believe that a close, open relationship between home and school is essential to children’s learning and development. Our desire is to cultivate respectful communication that promotes safe and meaningful interactions that support one another.

Frequent communication is encouraged between school and whanau through teacher/parent interactions, in addition to newsletters. Parents are invited to engage in events and volunteering opportunities throughout the school year. Friday fortnightly assemblies, hosted by classes, provide an opportunity for children and parents to celebrate learning. 

Student Life

A holistic school experience where children can identify their God given gifts and talents is recognised as important.

Cultural opportunities include  productions, talent quests, choir, jump jam and kapa haka.

Sporting opportunities include flipper ball, kiwi tag, volleyball, basketball, football, and hockey. 

Extra-curricular itinerant lessons opportunities for speech and drama and a variety of musical instruments.

Outdoor learning opportunities include a swimming pool, farm area and Preston’s park.

Excursions include visits to local historic places, community gardens/parks, and Year 6 camp.


We look for authentic ways to serve one another and our community as part of our learning. 

Children are encouraged to actively consider the needs of others and are given opportunities to serve and lead in their classrooms with varying responsibility as they grow. 

At Year 5 and 6, children are able to step into leadership roles that support the Primary school. These roles emphasise and promote a heart for service and includes Student and Sports Leaders.

Image of God

At the heart of our learning we celebrate differences and recognise that all students are made in the image of God, are culturally diverse, learn differently and are given different talents and abilities.

We teach critical thinking, effective learning skills, and healthy habits proactively, leveraging our insight and knowledge of the students to provide an authentic and relevant context. 

We nurture a culture of innovation and creativity. Students and teachers are encouraged to be adventurous and pursue new ways of doing things, always with an attitude of service to others.

Applying  a ‘Biblical Worldview’, we teach the NZ National curriculum. Our curriculum is designed to teach knowledge and skills, with a focus on how they can have a positive impact on the world around them. 

Growing students’ understanding of who God is and their identity in Him is central to our BC Primary learner and guides the children in all their learning.

BC Learner

Active Learners are encouraged to take ownership of their learning, be reflective, and talk about their next steps.

Courageous Thinkers dream, imagine, explore, design and build. They  marvel at God’s creation and take risks in their learning and seek to discover God’s truth.

Team Players know where they fit in the world and understand that they have been uniquely and creatively designed to partner with others, and fulfil God’s purpose.

Servant Hearted learners develop and use their God given gifts to serve and grow others.

'Train up a child in the way they should go; even when they are old they will not depart from it' (Proverbs 22:6).