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Year Groups: Y 3-13
Terms:1 & 4
Venue:QEYC Memorial Hall or Trustpower Arena
When:Y3-6: Fri afternoon  
Y7/8: Fri night  
Y9/10: Tue night  
Y11-13: Thu night
Cost: Year 3-6 $40
Y 7/8 $50
Y 9-13 $60
Jnr B/Snr B $80
Senior A $160
Parents and students
Teams:Y 1-6 (mixed boy/girl) & Y 7/8 (mixed boy/girl)
Teams of 8-10 created by the Sports Office.
Y 3-10: BC PE shirt/shorts and sports shoes
Y 11-13: Volleyball playing tops are given to the players for the season. Girls to wear black spandex shorts (min 5 in) and boys to purchase black volleyball shorts from uniform shop.

Staff in Charge: James Elen email

Administrator: Kayleigh Clarke email